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Water Jet Cutting

Cashcor Engineering has over 10years experience in Profile Waterjet Cutting, being the first Queensland company north of Brisbane to install a profile Waterjet Cutter, there is nothing we haven’t cut or tried to cut giving us a significant understanding of how to best set the machine to achieve the best finish at the right price for your job.

Powerful & Accurate
Capable of cutting through 100mm (4") thick stainless steel whilst being extremely accurate to fine tolerances.

The Waterjet is capable of cutting any material including;

- Stainless Steel - Aluminium - Glass - Wear Plate
- Plastic - Rubber - Marble - Wood ... to name a few

No Heat Affected Zone
Resulting in less warping of components, increased cutter life on secondary operations and no grinding for weld preperation

Any two-dimensional shape can be cut by a simple program done on the machines CAD system or from any DXF file either downloaded by email, USB Disk or CD.

Rapid set up times, no tooling and reduced need for secondary operations due to its accuracy and quality of the cut edge.

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